Tokyo Family Vacation Part 3: Ueno Zoo

img_7333Whenever our family goes on a trip, it is a requirement of the children that animals be involved. Ueno Zoo is Japan’s oldest zoo existing from 1882. It is a five-minute walk from the Park Exit of Ueno Station.  The zoo is located within Ueno Park, a large urban park that is home to museums, a small amusement park, and other attractions. The zoo is closed Mondays (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday).

First we started at the Children’s Zoo.


Then to see Mr. Polar Bear.



This is the first time I have ever seen a live tsuru (crane). Beautiful.


Pieko the gorilla was in her bedroom.

So we had to observe her through here:


There is beautiful natural landscaping to enjoy while walking between exhibits.

Yoru no Mori – Night Forest is where you can see the nocturnal animals.


The left is the picture of a sloth and, on the right, there are bats in the dark corner.  It’s hard to see in the picture, it was also hard to see in person.  We could see some wiggling in the dark corner.

A tiger strolling near the pool.

img_7410The elephant were very talkative.


We got to see a lot of animals that we don’t have at our local Honolulu Zoo.

Gavin’s Guide to Being a Man

Mom’s notes:  I love that my son likes to journal.  Here is a fun one he shared with me.  With his permission, he allowed me to post it on my blog site.  Please enjoy these words of wisdom on becoming a man from the perspective of an 11 year old.

by Guest Blogger, Gavin (my son)

  1.  When you are like me, there is some stuff to know, okay?  So, some people say I’m going through puberty which is kind of weird, but, we gotta go through it sometime! LOL!
  2. So, first thing’s first. Sexy time.  So you are probably asking yourself, “Do I like boobs?” Well, okay then, but, you must really focus on her personality and brains.  Look, if you’re 11 years old and up, you’re probably like me.  I focus on if she’s nice and smart and stuff, and, trust me, this is really harder than it looks to get a girlfriend.  Also, I like to help my brother get a girlfriend and, of course, he likes someone, but, I can’t make fun of him because I’ve been crushing on girls since kindergarten.
  3. Put deodorant on after exercising because you start developing odors.
  4. When you get hairy, don’t freak out, be happy, because you’re manly now! Just remember to be yourself. Don’t let anyone pull you back from your goal.
  5. Exercise a lot so you are not out of shape like my friend.
  6. Also, don’t shave so much unless you’re a GIRL!

These are tips from a PROMAN *ahem* (Gavin)