Tokyo Family Vacation Part 4: Tokyo DisneySea Park

The Tokyo DisneySea Park is the most beautiful amusement park I have ever been to – a Disney nautical fantasy.  Additionally, because it was October, the park was covered in festive jack-o-lanterns, autumn colored banners and  lots of decor highlighting our favorite Disney villains, such as, Maleficent, Ursula, Hades, Jafar, Captain Hook, and the Evil Queen from Snow White.  This year, they are also celebrating the park’s 15th Anniversary.

One important tip would be to purchase tickets online before going to the park.  We went an hour early before the park opened and although we already had tickets, there was a huge line.  Therefore, I highly recommend purchasing tickets before hand.  There are also options if you plan to stay at the Tokyo Disney Resort, and additional options for multi-day and multi-park passes.

There is a shuttle from the Urayasu Train Station to the resort and theme parks.

The early morning crowd pours into the park….and it’s not even their busy time of the year.

Here we are getting ready to ride the Indiana Jones ride.  This ride was exhilarating but without loops, and one mild drop – totally my speed!  Basically, you get in a jeep and it takes you on a rough ride through caves filled with treasure, skeletons, tons of giant bugs, echoes, screams, and well… you get the idea.  Sometimes you’re rollercoaster-ing through pitch black darkness – my kids absolutely loved it!


The Mediterranean Harbor is the centerpiece of the park.  It is beautiful from all angles.  In the evening they have the Fanstasmic Show here.

img_7300img_7299img_7298 Because it was nearing Halloween, the day time show featured a parade of villains!

Agrabah – where Aladdin often got into trouble and fell in love with Princess Jasmine.

img_7487 The Toy Story ride had a 3 hour wait – very popular, so you might consider getting a Fast Pass for this one.

I could look at this scenery all day.  October is the perfect time to go.  It’s not as crowded as during the summer and the weather is nice and cool.

img_7495 The Tower of Terror


img_7297 Someone is exhausted!  Time to go home.


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