So this place just celebrated it’s 100th anniversary last year. It is a small diner where you eat at a counter and there is typically a line to get it. It’s located in the Nob Hill area of San Francisco on Polk Street. It’s wise to call in your order and take out. They’ll have it ready and you can just bypass the line. When I called the staff person there was very helpful. Being in San Francisco, I knew I wanted clam chowder. When I asked for other recommendations, he suggested a crab salad and I ordered bread and butter for an additional dollar. That was a dollar well spent! The sourdough bread is also very good even as leftovers. The crab salad ended up being the best thing I are during my 10 days in The Bay Area!

Check out all that fresh juicy crab meat!!

A bowl of clam chowder.

The entire meal with sourdough bread! I’m dreaming of the next time I can come back and eat this salad!

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