Visit to Winchester Mansion

The Winchester Mansion was a pleasant surprise. Whenever I saw it on television, it was always portrayed as a bizarre house that was built by a disturbed woman. However, the story of this woman that went with the tour revealed to me that she had many hardships, but other than that, she was a well educated, benevolent, spiritually ascended, progressive, open-minded woman. For a woman living in the late 1800’s she was way ahead of her time. The placement of rooms, doors and cabinets may have been strange, but, it was efficient in the way it used energy and conserved water. She cared for her workers that cared for her paying them twice the going rate and taking care of their medical needs. She took no one for granted no matter what their ethnicity, everyone was equal.





Visitors are allowed to take photos of the exterior of the mansion and the garden.

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