DAY 1: My 10 Day Transformation



I usually run away from multi-level marketing products but when I saw how my friends have been transforming their health by feeling more energetic, getting off insulin, losing weight, and just becoming healthier overall, I just had to give it a try! So this in my reset button to clean out toxins, reset my metabolism and keep up with my two boys.
So far I have just completed my first day. The first dose of aminos made me feel nauseous. I ate some fruit from the flex food list and immediately felt better. The rest of the day was a breeze. The beautiful green powder is full of pure, green, veggie goodness and DELICIOUS! In the evening the Apothe-Cherry drink is what I consider dessert. It’s a tart cherry drink you take before bed. I slept soundly and this morning, I must say, I feel lighter and clearer and lost one pound. DAY 2, HERE WE GOOOOOO!!!

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